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No Pressure sales, Over inflated warranties or stipulations or gimmics, our prices are post for your convenience under the see our prices tab in the upper right corner.

AMSGD INC. was created and completely dedicated to customer service for commercial and residential garage door service. With more than 23 years of experience, we provide customers with the quality workmanship, honest service, and fair prices for quality products. For maintenance and installation, when you need a Garage Door Technician,  Contact us in Round Rock, Austin, Pflugerville, Cedar park, Georgetown or from Kyle to Killeen and everything in between, for Garage Door repairs and services as well as new Garage doors.

 AMSGD INC. only uses Technicians trained and educated by AMSGD INC. to enshure you get the best service and customer-oriented Technicians. Contact us today for a Free Estimate and description of our products at your location and Phone quotes are always available.

Beware of the Life time Warranty Scam! The stipulations will get you!

The Leading (scam) in the industry is the "LIFETIME WARRANTY".        It sounds great when presented and seems fair and maybe even a  good idea even thought the initial cost seems pretty high                  (on average 450 - 700 dollars) what is not mentioned is the annual required cost (known as the required or annual door maintenance) to keep the warranty valid which if a standard 15,000 cycle spring/s is used should average Ten years, this annual service is usually 90 - 120 dollars.                                                                                           That would be another "900 - 1200" dollars invested in Ten years, that and the initial cost and you could buy two complete new doors in that time. Other stipulations often used are: warranty void if another company services the door, warranty void if you move, warranty void if not serviced by said date. If the other companies were so honest and the warranty was so great then why do they not put it online where every body can read it?

At AMSGD INC. we do not have stipulations for any of our warranties everything is straight forward and as stated. 


There are several types of spring systems designed to counter balance your garage door. Torsion and Extension are the most common.

The most important piece of information i can give you that many companies mislead customers about is: 

What the spring is made of and how it was treated when it was manufactured dose not determine the springs life expectancy.

The life expectancy of the spring is determined by its wire size, diameter, and length.

Often companies will show different types of springs like oil dipped, galvanized or powder coated and try to convience you that one is longer life than the other and that is why it is going to cost this much instead of that much. Galvanized and Powder coated are great for costal areas as a rust preventitive but do not change the cycle life.

AMSGD INC. only uses 15,000 cycle w/3yr no stipulation warranty springs (average ten year life span) for all of our standard installations and offer a lifetime 50,000 cycle w/15yr no stipulation warranty springs (average Thirty Five year life span) higher cycles also available upon request.

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