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Dear AMS

The spring on my garage door snapped, so I was researching the Round Rock area, on the web, to find a local repairman. AMS was one of the ones that came up. I wrote down about 6 businesses and began calling for quotes. No one answered at AMS, so I called the others. After getting 3 quotes (one seemed sort of put out and was not very helpful), my phone rang and it was Amory (Mikes wife) and said she saw my number on their Caller ID and apologized for missing my call. She was very polite and gave me the lowest (by far) quote, so far. I did the rest of my research (which included a BBB search) and called Amory back, to set the appointment, for 10am the next day. Well, Mike was late, by 1 minute, which I scolded him for severly. He not only replaced my broken spring, but replaced an extremely noisy opener with a very quiet Liftmaster, tightened any loose bolts on the door, lubed up all of the hinges, rewired the rats nest left behind by the original opener's installers and gave me free can of lubricant to boot. He finished the job in just under 2 hours, and didn't even mind that I watched and asked questions. He explained everything that he was doing, as he worked and couldn't have been any friendlier or more knowledgeable. I have never felt a desire to actually do an online rating of any business or repairman, that has done work for me, until now. If you are reading this, as research for some garage door work, you can stop researching now and give them a call. You will NOT find a better deal or a more professional person, to do business with. Thank you, Mike, for a job well done. Clint h a valuable service. Your staff was extremely helpful and I am so happy with the outcome. I wish all businesses would treat their customers as you do and I will recommend you to all my associates. Thanks again for your help.



Dear AMS

Mike was extremely responsive, professional and honest... here's the story... Another garage door company replaced one garage door on my 3 car garage and heard my LOUD garage door opener. He said he'd replace it all for $800, but we could live with it until it died completely. Fast forward, the door no longer opened and I figured it finally died. I figured SEARS could do it for less than $800. Total for new Craftsman opener and installation was $350. SEARS installer says "hey, your door spring is broken. You need to get that fixed first." I do a Google search and enter AMS! Mike replaced the spring and asked why we were swapping out the opener. I said, "it sounds horrible. I was told it was dying. I figured it finally died." Mike said, "let me look at it." Turns out it only needed to be serviced. It works and sounds GREAT now. I've returned everything to SEARS and I saved ~$100. Mike is a professional in what seems to be an industry known for taking advantage of uninformed homeowners. His philosophy he shared with me, "Don't sell them what they don't need and if it can be fixed for less, fix it!" Thank you MIKE! 



Dear AMS

I received prompt and friendly service. I knew in advance what the problem was likely to be, and what it would cost to repair the problem. I have not experienced such professionalism, dependability and honesty from a company in quite some time. I would recommend AMS to friends and family, and will certainly call them in the future should I require their services

Sue M.


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